4-shot speedloader

The Piexon JPX6 Jet Protector

The best of two worlds – the JPX6 combines the outstanding features of the JPX2 with the powerful design and higher load capacity of the JPX4. Its quickly attachable speedloader magazine holds 4 highly effective irritant loads that, can be fired successively. Its open sights, optional integrated aiming device with laser function and other convenient and high-quality extras make the JPX6 highly superior to other defence systems in terms of speed, easy of use and effectiveness.


The 4-shot push-on magazine makes reloading extremely easy and incredible fast.


The ergonomic handle ensures that the JPX can be securely held and safely handled – even when wet.


Instant: the JPX does not have to be shaken before use, does not lose pressure, can shoot very far and is highly reliable in hitting its target.

Every Day Carry (EDC)

Compact and lightweight – The JPX6 can be comfortably carried in full view or concealed.

Pyrotechnic delivery system

The JPX uses a highly effective and patented pyrotechnic delivery system instead of a canister for permanent pressure storage

Suitable for use in any weather

The incredibly high velocity with which the liquid jet is ejected make it resistant to wind and rain.

» no loss of pressure
» ready for immediate use
» extended range
» superior accuracy

» no batteries required
» no cross-contamination
» unaffected by wind

JPX2 – Technical data at a glance

Dimensionen LWH 194 x 37 x 127 mm Weight (without laser) 540 g
Range 1.5 – 7 m Safety distance 1.5 m
Active agent Piexol 400kS Jet velocity (after 1.5 m) 80 m/s = 290 km/h
Temperature range – 20 C° to + 60 C° Trigger-pull weight 8.5 kg

High loading capacity and

unprecedented effectiveness

The JPX6 – Piexon Professional pepper jet technology with speedloader magazine.

The JPX6 is fitted with Piexon’s revolutionary delivery system, which gives it an effective range of up to 7 metres and a jet velocity of 80 m/s at 1.5 m. The JPX6’s pistol shape and open sights ensures that targets can be aimed at with a high level of accuracy. The fact that the jets converge at a point 2.5 metres from the muzzle ensures that they cover a concentric target area – and the delivery of perfectly accurate shots.

» Piexon delivery system
» extended range
» high jet velocity
» impressive accuracy
» superior stopping power
» unaffected by weather
» instant stopping power


handy and rapidly reloadable

» ergonomic handle
» magazines replaceable
in a matter of seconds
» colour cartridges
for training purposes
» suitable for indoor use
» easy to use – including in
stressful situations
» superior stopping power

A perfect combination – the JPX6 with 4-shot speedloader magazine.

The JPX6’s speedloader magazine can be rapidly pushed onto the receiver and contains 14 x 109 mm cartridges with 10 ml of highly effective Piexol 400kS each or, optionally, a blue fluid designed for training purposes – any of which can be fired individually in succession. The loads are self-cleaning, which prevents contamination. Thanks to its high level of concentration, there is zero risk of the jet and irritant being affected by any side winds. Due to the fact that the concentrated jet only releases a very small amount of airborne particles, the unit is also suitable for indoor use.

Professional accessories for maximum security.

JPX6 holster with MAG pouch

The robust Cordura holster has sufficient space for both the JPX6 and an extra speedloader magazine.

JPX6 Speedloader magazine

Four highly effective loads of Piexol inside the rapidly replaceable push-on magazine.

Tactical white light

The clip-on tactical flash light allows you to get a good view of what’s going on – even in the dark