JPX-6 Magazine

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ONLY Available in ORANGE – SAPS Import regulations

1 x JPX6 4-Shot Magazine

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ONLY Available in ORANGE – SAPS Import regulations

Data  :

14 x 109 mm Piexon caliber
Content:  10g Piexol 400 000 SHU (Scouville Heat Units), Oleoresin Capsicum extract

Range : 5 to 23 ft
Velocity : 260 ft/s measured at 4.92 ft
(dangerous under 5 ft)

Technology :

A kind of  “syringe” holds a piston in between two burst discs at the rear and front end. The space between the piston and the upper burst disc is filled with the liquid OC-formula.
The chamber extends towards the end, allowing the overpressure to pass by the piston, completely cleaning the canister of any OC left.
The jet nozzle gives the jet its final shape, allowing it to travel for a distance of over 23 feet accurately.

For Jet Defender Piexon JPX6 Standard or Lasern each loader has 4 cartridges
Not for JPX or JPX4

  • Manufacturer – PIEXON
  • Weight – 240 g