JPX Training Magazine


1 x 2-Shot Training Magazine
10ml blue dye per cartridge

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training magazine
training magazine

2-SHOT Training Cartridge

Introducing the new 2-shot cartridge design with an effective range of 7meters

training magazine

The JPX 2-shot, Training Magazine Cartridge holds two tubes filled with a blue dye marker available for training purposes.
The filling volume is 10 ml (0.28 fl.oz) per cartridge.
The cartridges are powered by a 9mm blank cartridge.
Each 2-shot cartridge can be used twice and is replaced as a singular unit.

Depending on their payload the 2-shot cartridges are marked with a specific label.
The patented cartridge design provides a unique self-clean mechanism cleaning from residues,
so that after you fire one shot, you aren’t exposed to the residues from the fired barrel. training magazine

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Dimensions 15 × 4 × 3 cm

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