JPX4 Jet Defender – Laser


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1 x JPX4 – 4-Shot Black Chassis
1 x Holster
1 x Mounting & Accessories Kit
1 x Battery set for Laser
1 x User manual
1 x Packaging

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The JPX4 Shot Defender is a brand new product offered to Law Enforcement and security by Piexon AG. This is the only product that can fire 4 separate shots of pepper spray at 650km/h from the nozzle up to 7.0m. Most Less-lethal devices are limited in range and reliability. The JPX 4 fires using actual primers making it a very reliable weapon.

The JPX4 Defender Pepper Gun is the most functional and powerful hand-held OCD delivery system available today.


The liquid jet is concentrated and once released, will hit an assailant within the fraction of a second, not leaving time for any kind of reaction. Once in contact with Piexol, skin, eyes, respiratory organs as well as the mucous membranes are severely irritated, rendering a coordinated reaction impossible and ensuring complete temporary incapacitation of the adversary.

Each removable cartridge (4 per magazine) carries 4 self-cleaning pepper rounds, making multiple shots available when needed. Reloading is fast and easy.



Buils-In LASER for easy targeting
Fires Liquid at 650km/h up tp 7m with a 700mm spread
OC is rated at 400,000 Scoville Heat Units, 2 x more than normal
NOT considered a firearm in South Africa – NO License required
Not suseptable to heat and cold
Can keep a perpertrator doen for up to an hour
No batteries to go flat
2 year manufacturers warranty registration is available at


The new JPX4 comes in two sizes; the standard with a length of 197mm and 145mm tall and the compact version with a length of 197mm and 124mm. The standard comes with a built-in laser sight, Holster and picatinny MilSpec rail for mounting tactical lights and other accessories.

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