JPX4 Magazine

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4 x Piexon Cartriges

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JPX4 Magazine

JPX4 Magazine 14x109 Piexon

Caliber 14 x 109 Piexon CH (canned heat)

This kind of explosive-driven “syringe” holds a piston in between two burst discs  at the rear and front end. The space between the piston and the upper burst disc is filled with Piexol, a liquid OC-formula. JPX4 Magazine

The chamber extends towards the end, allowing the overpressure to pass by the piston O-rings, completely cleaning the canister of any OC left.

The jet nozzle gives the jet its final shape, allowing it to travel for a distance of over 7 meters accurately. JPX4 Magazine



Time table training JPX4 instructors.xlsx
Four cartridges in one magazine, held in place with a plastic retainer,
to effortlessly and quickly slip into the JPX4.

Cartridge JPX 4

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