JPX6 Jet Defender Laser


No other colours are allowed to be imported – SAPS Import requirements

1 x JPX6 – Orange Chassis
1 x 4-Shot Live MAG Orange
1 x Battery set for Laser
1 x User manual
1 x Carry Case

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New addition to the Piexon self defence range.

ONLY Available in ORANGE – SAPS Import regulations

Data :

The Jet Defender Piexon JPX6 is a rechargeable defence  weapon, extremely efficient.
It shoots an irritant liquid at a very high speed, what gives it a high stopping power that will instantly block the agressor.
It has many avantages over traditionnal self-defence sprays :

  • it is rechargeable, simply changing the loader
  • the pyrotechnic delivery system avoiding loss of pressure
  • the velocity is 12 times higher, giving  a better accuracy, at a longer range, and a reduction of cross-contamination
  • its ergonomics ensure an instinctive handle
  • it has front and rear sights (fixed blades)

Use :

The loader holds 4 cartridges (non-separable), just slips over the barrel.
The pistol is thus ready to shoot an any moment.
The trigger has an integrated shifting systems that automatically swithces from one firing pin to the next.
Effects on the people are :

  • irritant to respiratory system
  • temporary blindness
  • nausea
  • burning sensation on skin and mucus membranes

The symptoms resolves within approx 45 min, and generally without any lasting effects.

Version :

The JPX6 Jet Defender is available in 2 version :

  • stadard model
  • laser model

The JPX6 is delivered in a plastic case, with a 4 OC cartridges loader

  • Manufacturer – PIEXON
  • Format – Pistol
  • Spray – Gel
  • Active agent – OC Pepper
  • Use – Indoor and outdoor
  • Max range – 7 m
  • Lenght – 7.64″
  • Height – 5″
  • Thickness – 1.46″
  • Weight – 0.75 Lbs empty / 1.19 Lbs with ammo
  • Velocity – 260 Fps

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