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Q: What about the risk of injury when deploying a liquid OC shot @ 405 mph in the face of an assailant? FAQ

A: The required safety distance is 5 ft (1.5 meters), measured between the muzzle of the JPX and the assailant’s face. The risk to the shooter, under normal circumstances is nil.

Q: What if I am already too close?

A: If you are closer than the required safety distance you shall do the following:

The required safety distance is 5 feet (1.5 meters).

Shoot the first shot on the assailant’s upper chest.        Use the moment of surprise and do 3-4 steps back

faq pepper gun distance          faq pepper gun distance


Apply the second shot into the assailant’s face.                Get away from the scene and call for Help.
faq pepper gun distance          faq pepper gun distance


Using the JPX at a distance closer than the required safety distance may cause permanent injury.

Q: What about flammability of the OC formula in conjunction with using a Taser®?

A: See the Test Report in the Download section (Copyrighted Material: Reprinted by permission of CRT Less Lethal)

Q: Can the JPX be legally carried in South Africa?

A: Yes, it was determined that the JPX does not constituting a firearm.  Keep in mind that the JPX Jet Protector is meant for defensive purposes only and may only be sold to or used by persons 18 years of age or older. See Legalities in the Download section.

Q: Can I get overnight / speed delivery?

A: No, as “speed services” of any kind requires transport by aircraft and due to the nature of the product, are not permitted on-board an aircraft. All courier services will be via Road Transport.

Q: Does the JPX have a safety on it? faq

A: No, it’s not required due to the 6.5kg (14lb) trigger pull.

Q: Can a Black chassis JPX be purchased in South Africa?

A: NO, under the terms layed out by the authorities, the Black chassis resembles the look of an fire arm, therefore only the Green & Orange chassis’s are available.

Q: How long does the OC magazines last?

A: Typically the life of the magazines is about 4 years.

Q: Is the JPX tolerant to heat and cold? faq

A: Yes, unlike a canister that may explode due to extreme temperatures, the JPX has a self-contained chemical charge and is not pressurized giving it the ability to withstand temperatures above and below most canisters.

Q: How long will an assailant be incapacitated after being hit in the face by the JPX? faq

A: Typically, the OC charge could keep a person down for up to 45 minutes,  depending on their tolerance.