How do I pay

When placing your order online, you will be presented with the different payment options, they are

  1. All card options via PayFast Secure payment gateway
  2. EFT to our bank account (Clearing times apply)
  3. Cash on collection


May I collect from your premises ?

Yes, on the following conditions ..

  1. The order must be placed online and the appropriate payment method selected.
  2. Card payment online will clear immediately, EFT payment can take up to 3 days and Cash-on-collection will also be accepted.
  3. WAIT for a notification informing you that the goods are ready to collect, as we don’t operate a retail store and need to get the stock from the warehouse

How long will it take before I receive my delivery

As these goods are classified as ‘prohibited items’ we are not allowed to use Air Freight, only ‘road freight’. It will therefore take longer.

  1. Gauteng is normally next day
  2. All Major Centres – 1 to 3 days
  3. Outlying – 2-5 days

Above applies to orders fully processed and booked with the courier before 10am, Monday to Friday.

Why is the shipping so expensive

Due to the nature of the product’s propulsion system (pyrotechnics), its classified as a ‘prohibited’ item, These items are not transported by the Post Office or many of the main stream couriers. Any courier making use of Air Post, wont accept such items, as these products are not allowed on an aircraft. Our courier does provide this service, termed “road freight”, to transport prohibited items, but at an additional cost.


Can I take the Piexon product with me in flight or hand luggage

No, unfortunately, according to the generally applicable IATA guidelines, taking on board an aircraft is not permitted for safety reasons – be it in a suitcase or in hand luggage.

It should be noted that only the Guardian Angel and the magazines for the JPX2 / JPX4 / JPX6 is prohibited, The “handle” of the JPX2 / JPX4 / JPX6 is inert and safe to transport

What about the risk of injury to an assailant

  1. The required safety distance is 1.5m, measured between the muzzle of the JPX and the assailant’s face. If closer that 1.5m from the face of the assailant, move back before shooting.
  2. Distances of less that 1.5m could result in permanent injury to the sight of the assailant.
  3. The risk to the shooter, under normal circumstances is nil.


Do I need a license for the Piexon dispensers

NO, in South Africa you wont need a license to own and carry the Guardian Angel or Jet Protector products. Other laws may apply to other regions & countries. Read more under the ‘downloads’ section, letter from the Minister of Police (Clearance-letter-SAPS-commissioner.pdf) and a general document (Legalities.pdf)

Keep in mind that the JPX Jet Protector is meant for defensive purposes only and may only be sold to or used by persons 18 years of age or older.


Why are the Piexon products more expensive than a classic pepper spray

The JPX is a high-performance device with a much higher stopping and protective effect compared to pepper spray. Both the device and the cartridges are complex products that are built from first-class, carefully tested materials and components. The high performance and quality has its price.

Can the cartridges of the products be reloaded or refilled

No, the cartridges that have been fired are replaced by new ones. They are single-use products.

Can I leave my Piexon product in the car

You can easily leave the device in the car. However, it should be protected from direct sunlight and not exposed to temperatures above 60 ° C.

You should also keep your device out of the reach of children or unauthorized persons in the car.

Can I use the OC Cartridge beyond the expiration date

We recommend that you replace the device after 48 months at the latest, as the effect of the natural stimulant may gradually wear off over time.

Of course, your OC Cartridge will still serve you well beyond the “expiry date” – but no longer with 100% of the original effect.

What is Piexol

It is an irritant that is unpleasant for humans, but not (life-) dangerous. The derivative is obtained from the resin oil of the Tabasco plant (Capsicum frutescens) and shot using a carrier liquid made of benzyl alcohol.

How long will an assailant be incapacitated after being hit in the face

Typically, the OC charge could keep a person down for up to 45 minutes,  depending on their tolerance. Enough time to get yourself to safety and call the police.

Is the OC Cartridges tolerant to heat and cold

Yes, unlike a canister that may explode due to extreme temperatures, the JPX has a self-contained chemical charge and is not pressurized giving it the ability to withstand temperatures above and below most canisters.

What is the shelf life of an OC magazine

Typically the life of the magazines is about 4 years.

What about flammability of the OC formula

See the Test Report in the Download section (Copyrighted Material: Reprinted by permission of CRT Less Lethal)

Product Specific

Does a JPX produce a loud gunshot like a firearm

No. A JPX produces a ‘launch’ noise, but it is much quieter than that of a firearm.

Trigger resistance at 8.5 kg – that sounds like a lot. Can a woman pull that

The prints from all JPX models have a clear pressure point that must be overcome. Hence the 8.5 kg. All JPX models have an ergonomically designed trigger and can also be operated by women.

Under relaxed circumstances, it may appear on the heavy side, but when used in a situation that it was intended for, the additional adrenalien would make it effortless. ( Field studies )

Does the JPX have a strong recoil when firing

No, not at all, the effect is very minor.

Can I harm the health of others by using the Guardian Angel

No, if the safety distance of 0.5 m is observed, the irritant does not cause any harmful or harmful reactions.

What is the range of the Guardian Angel

With the innovative drive mechanism, you can hit objects up to 4 meters away with absolute accuracy. Our LASER CLIP helps you to increase your accuracy and not to miss fast-moving targets.

Can the Guardian Angel be reloaded?

No, the Guardian Angel has a total of two charges that can be released by pulling the trigger one after the other – be it in an emergency or in two independent emergencies. If both loads are shot, you cannot reload your guardian angel. You can then easily dispose of the empty housing in household waste.

How does the Guardian Angel work?

With the help of the patented drive system, two loads can be successively fired with a highly efficient stimulant. In total, you can trigger the Guardian Angel twice. The second load is automatically activated and fired by pressing the trigger again.

How do I use the Guardian Angel?

In an emergency, just aim at the target with the Guardian Angel, slide the trigger lock aside and push the trigger. The stimulant is then fired precisely.

Can I keep the Guardian Angel in my purse?

Thanks to the compact construction, you can easily stow your personal guardian angel in a handbag.