Zero tolerance defence – RIGHT DOWN TO THE SMALLEST DETAIL

The advantages of Piexon’s delivery technology include zero pressure loss, temperature resistance, zero need for shaking before use, extremely high irritant jet ejection velocity, greater range, highly accurate and long-lasting stopping power. Between them, these and the JPX’s other advantages have already made the JPX the perfect non-lethal option for security personnel and police and military forces.

JPX – a quantum leap in non-lethal defence technology

The Piexon JPX is currently the most advanced and powerful delivery system for liquid irritants in the world. Compared to conventional pepper sprays, Piexon’s delivery technology truly represents a quantum leap. For more information on the JPX’s advantages over conducted energy weapons (CEWs), see below.

Jet Protector Technology

» temperature resistance

» no loss of pressure

» extended range

» superior accuracy

» unaffected by wind

» superior stopping power

Pepper sprays have a number of serious disadvantages: Since the pressure is permanently stored inside the canister, their performance is strongly temperature-dependent. The low operating pressure inside the canister is furthermore only able to produce a low-velocity jet, which has very a limited ranged. Because it is so weak, the jet can also be deflected by side winds and its effect further lessened by rain. Pepper sprays also allow the assailant to move out of the jet’s way. The low nozzle flow-rate also means it takes longer for the desired effect to materialise.

The JPX has a jet velocity of 80 m/s at 1.5 m

Health effects

No risk of injury
if the minimum
safety distance is kept
(1.5m / 5ft)

Knockout duration

The disabling effect
dissipates after about
45 minutes


Purely mechanical
(except for the laser)
and functional in all weather


Relatively low
acquisition costs

Concentrated strenght: Active agent – PIEXOL 400 000 SU

Defence Technology – Commited to Innovation

Piexon Pepper Jet Technology is a patented and leading defence technology in its class worldwide and has revolutionised perspectives concerning the professional use of such technologies. Its highly resistant and robust build ensure that it can be operated and that it is effective no matter what the conditions.

Pyrotechnic delivery system

Instead of using a permanent pressure canister as used by conventional pepper sprays, Piexon’s technology uses a pyrotechnic delivery system that provides the pressure required for ejecting the irritant. This kind of technology is already being widely used in the automotive sector for technologies like air bags and belt tensioners.

Handle with trigger

The handle contains the mechanical trigger system. The integrated shifting system automatically switches from one firing pin to the next. The trigger system alternately triggers firing pins so that the loads inside the magazine are triggered in succession.


Each of the irritant cartridges has an integrated nozzle that shapes the liquid jet to pinpoint the target. The different loads can be distinguished by the different colours of the magazines.

Magazines / Cartridges

The JPX magazine contains two to four cartridges filled with liquid irritant or with a blue coloured liquid designed for training purposes. Each cartridge contains approx. 10 ml fluid. The cartridge’s patented structure includes a self-cleaning mechanism that cleans the nozzle of all irritant residues.

Trusted formula: PIEXOL

Piexol is a cayenne pepper extract and the most potent pepper-based irritant on the market. The irritant effect generated by the extract is caused by the capsaicinoids contained in cayenne. The liquid extract acts as an irritant to eyes, mucus membranes (nose and mouth) and the respiratory system. The effect: temporary blindness, coughing and nausea. These symptoms start resolving within approx. 45 minutes, and generally without any lasting effects

» Pepper extract
» most potent pepper-based irritant
» acts instantly
» incapacitates for 45 minutes
» no lasting effects